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Vital Reasons for Vacuuming

Ensuring the life of carpet with proper maintenance Carpet is a beautiful and sustainable flooring choice for homes, offices, schools, and commercial spaces. It provides a comfortable place to sit, work, learn, and play. It also cushions the impact of slips and falls, reduces noise, and makes it easier to learn and concentrate. But carpet [...]

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Hard Floor Maintenance for the Winter Months

Prepare your hard floors for the harsh realities of the upcoming months Every season has its own unique characteristics that can contribute to damaging hard floors. In the northern United States, winter is often the most challenging. Rock salt, ice melt, slush, and moisture can wreak havoc on hard floor surfaces of all kinds. Since [...]

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More Than Soap and Water

A step-by-step guide to proper hand hygiene Old man winter is upon us, and with it, the season brings colder temperatures and more time indoors. Unfortunately, it may also bring the spread of illness-causing germs with it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza is a year-round public health issue with [...]

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Cold Weather Carpet Care

How to maintain cleanliness during the messiest months When seasons change and the wet and cold weather comes your way, it’s time to alter your carpet care program to meet the changing needs that ice, snow, and moisture bring with them. Regardless of the weather, season, or type of facility, ongoing carpet care is critical [...]

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