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Cleaning Is Not Black and White

Follow these six steps for accurate labor calculations How much labor will it take to clean my buildings? For someone new to the cleaning industry, this might seem like a simple, straightforward calculation. Seasoned professionals know better. As a cleaning consultant, this is one of the questions I am asked most frequently, and even I [...]

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Get With the Safety Program

How to create a secure work environment for your cleaning team Whether you are part of the environmental health and safety team in your company, the purchaser of personal protective equipment products for a company program, or deciding whether to have safety gear as part of your product line for distribution, you’ll notice there’s a [...]

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Ten Way to Keep Cleaning Supply Costs In Check

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a busy one for cleaning contractors, with holiday parties and events in schools, offices, and other types of facilities. This means that the typical cleaning routine-and, along with it, the cleaning solutions and supplies normally used-can be in for some big changes. Unfortunately, what often happens is [...]

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