5 Year Anniversary with BSCAI

This year we reached our 5-year milestone with the BSCAI! Since joining the organization 5 years ago we have been able to learn and grow as a business with the help of many other cleaning organizations around the US. We have met some great friends and been able to share our successes and failures with them to help not only ourselves but for others too!

BSCAI for businesses

If you are a business considering joining the BSCAI organization we highly recommend it! There are so many resources available for you to grow your business. There are all sorts of certifications available for your cleaners giving them more credibility while on the job. The BSCAI offers all sorts of certifications programs ranging from cleaning to management.

“Being a member of BSCAI has been so beneficial for our company. The resources, knowledge, and networking have greatly impacted our business. We’ve met so many incredible people running incredible companies over the years. We also take team members to each BSCAI event every year and we leave recharged and with new tools and friendships. I can’t say enough about what BSCAI has done for our business and we’re extremely grateful to be a part of the association. “

-Matthew Teribery, Bussiness Development Director

What does BSCAI mean for our Customers?

The BSCAI is an organization that sets a standard for facility maintenance on a global scale. To be a part of this organization really shows customers that we are taking our role as cleaners seriously. It is our main concern that you are happy with the service we provide. We also want to provide you with peace of mind that your facility is safe to clean to your standards. Being able to say we are associated with a global organization helps us to create that idea of quality and peace of mind for you… our customers!

Thank you BSCAI for being a great organization! Looking forward to many more years!