Encouraging Spring Cleaning In Offices

In a commercial setting, cubicles and offices are often seen as the personal space of building occupants. With the exception of daily trash removal and occasional dusting and vacuuming, cleaning workers rarely invade the space. This can lead to clutter and bacteria build-up. It’s important for cleaning workers/departments to remind building occupants to maintain their [...]

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Tackling Tough Facility Odors

And one of the toughest problems for cleaning professionals Odor: It is a problem in commercial facilities that stinks, but it’s a top concern and one of the most difficult problems confronting cleaning professionals today. Whether it’s an office building, hotel, restaurant, school, athletic facility, or other business, patrons often first interact with the environment [...]

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Improve Employee Productivity, Efficiency Through Engagement

So what’s it all worth? That’s the question many are probably asking. Why do any of this? The answer, for Miller, is pretty simple: “There’s such a talent war going on that if your people aren’t engaged with you and connected to your business and your mission ... you’ll lose them a lot easier.” Turnover [...]

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