Vital Reasons for Vacuuming

Ensuring the life of carpet with proper maintenance Carpet is a beautiful and sustainable flooring choice for homes, offices, schools, and commercial spaces. It provides a comfortable place to sit, work, learn, and play. It also cushions the impact of slips and falls, reduces noise, and makes it easier to learn and concentrate. But carpet [...]

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A Dry Approach to Carpet Cleaning

How these steps can protect carpet from unwanted enemies In many situations, cleaning staff will address the carpet when its appearance is unacceptable or poor. However, it is not recommended that the facility manager and building owner wait until the carpet shows levels of soil before starting a carpet maintenance program. The program should start [...]

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Study: Four Main Causes Of Restroom Odors

An 18-month study conducted by the University of Toledo and Impact Products, a manufacturer of innovative tools and products for the professional cleaning and building industries, reveals that there are four core areas in a restroom from which most restroom odors emanate. The findings were based on field studies, air testing, and interviews with restroom [...]

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Five Mopping Myths

According to some estimates, any one person can come into direct and indirect contact with floors as much as 50 times every day. If floors are contaminated, that contamination may now be on our fingers, and because we touch our faces about 16 times per day, the likelihood that these contaminants are now on our [...]

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