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Can Cleaning Be Unhealthy?

Here are three misconceptions about healthier cleaning that can affect facilities you clean: 1. Cleaning and health care are totally separate functions. Although you would not call your cleaning company for help if you broke your arm, it is a myth that cleaning and health care are mutually exclusive processes. This is because cleaning is [...]

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Preventing Unpleasant Summer Smells

The summer sun usually brings to mind fond memories. But for many facility owners, high temperatures and humidity can also be the cause of unpleasant odors that affect guest satisfaction and the bottom line. To help business owners combat smells, Cintas Corporation identified some of the top summertime odor offenders and tips to tackle them. [...]

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What to LEARN from a Complaint

Let's face it, no matter how good your cleaning service is, you're going to get complaints. It comes with the territory, as they say. One reason for this is that cleaning can be very subjective...what is clean to one person may not be so clean to another. According to Ron Segura, who's organization works with larger [...]

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